You Are Important


‘You Are Important’ is a large-scale collaborative art project which would involve businesses and organisations located within Wisbech town centre, working with artists and local people to create a visual celebration of every member of our community.

Tim is renowned for his ‘Crowded Room’ portraits, which involve individuals leaving a permanent record of their presence on huge works of art – his portrait of Wisbech contained the images of more than 10,000 people. One of the integral aspects of these artworks is Tim’s personal engagement with every participant and his drive to make each person realise that they are important.  Tim’s work is focused on what makes us human and how we are fundamentally all the same. This is particularly important during these challenging times, when society seems more divided, individuals are feeling isolated and excluded and when our differences, perceived or otherwise, seem to alienate us from the wider community. The pandemic has made these divides even more apparent with some sections of the community, including business owners, facing struggles that they could not have anticipated 18 months ago.

‘You Are Important’

This project involves Tim creating works of art featuring the quote ‘You Are Important’. These works, which will be created using a range of contemporary art practices, will appear across Wisbech town centre and will provide a unique and positive experience for everyone who views them. In effect, the town centre itself will become a vibrant and truly immersive living exhibition. Tim’s ambition is to make every person feel that they are important and this project will see Wisbech reinforce this message too.

This project is still in the early development based around self-importance.

So if you’re interested to keep an eye on this space, or get in contact.