Information For Businesses


The project involves Tim Mann and five other professional artists creating works of art which feature or focus upon the concept of ‘You Are Important’. These works, which will be created using a range of art practices, will appear in and on premises across Wisbech town centre, providing a unique and positive experience for everyone who views them. In effect, the town centre itself will become a vibrant and truly immersive living exhibition which will encourage footfall into the area.   

What does the project involve?

There are four aspects to this project:

  • Tim Mann will create ‘You Are Important’ signage which will appear in premises and open/public spaces around the town centre. This will be a huge campaign, which will unite businesses and organisations in the area and will encourage managers, staff and customers to get involved in a fantastic community engagement programme. The signage will be made using various multimedia formats, such as adhesive vinyls for windows, alternative shop sign posters, public signs, graphics, postcards or badges; Tim will work with each business to determine which format would work best for them.
  • Tim and a team of professional artists will also create a series of works using different art forms, including prints, photography, film, poetry, music and sculpture. All will focus upon the ‘You Are Important’ message.
  • The artists will host a series of creative workshops within the town centre which will be open to everyone.  
  • A mural will also be created on the side of a town centre building, as a legacy piece for the project.

Will the artwork be permanent?

The team will work with each business to discuss the options and consider whether the artwork in their premises is temporary or permanent.

All of the images created as a result of the project could be incorporated into a catalogue or book, which will celebrate those businesses and individuals who have taken part and provide a positive image of Wisbech and the town centre.

An exhibition will also be created to display many of the images from all aspects of this exciting project.

The potential impact of the project

The ‘You Are Important’ project presents a great opportunity to demonstrate how Wisbech is forward thinking and how immersive and experiential Art can help to improve business opportunities, whilst also bringing wider communities together.

It has the potential to be a fantastic catalyst for future cultural activities and could play an important role in the regeneration of the town centre. This links directly with Fenland District Council’s Business Plan Priorities and their Creativity and Cultural Strategy.

Media Coverage

There will be a targeted media campaign which we hope will see the project featured on local radio and television, together with articles in newspapers and magazines. Social media will be at the forefront of the campaign and Tim and his team will work with businesses and other organisations to promote the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


Why should you take part?

This is an opportunity to take part in a unique project which will create beautiful works of art and also encourage additional footfall into the town centre, which offers businesses the opportunity to benefit from increased customer numbers.

What will it cost?

There is no cost involved in taking part. The project has been jointly funded by Arts Council England, Fenland District Council/Wisbech Town Council, through the Welcome Back Fund, Clarion Futures and Blackfield Creatives. The project is fully supported by the Horsefair Centre Management Team.

What are the risks?

There are limited risks involved in this project.

  • Tim and the team will ensure that any works created do not damage the structure or appearance of the buildings in the town centre and will work with the appropriate agencies to ensure that the necessary permissions are in place before commencing any works.
  • All artists taking part will have current public liability insurance.

How long will the project last?

The project runs from the end of October 2021 until April 2022. The signage could remain in situ after the end of the project though, as a permanent art installation.

If you’re interested in taking part, or have any questions, contact us by clicking on this link and filling out the form.