You Are Important Artists

Tim Mann is delighted to introduce the artists who will be working with him on his ‘You Are Important’ project.

They bring a wealth of skills and experience with them and he is so keen to see how they create their own individual artworks and engage with the community over the next few months, especially in the workshops that we have planned.  

To find out more about each artist, and to view their work, click on their image to access their individual websites

Adrian Barron

Adrian Barron is an artist who makes prints, moving image and site-specific work. His practice is inspired by the garden (a Heterotopia). In its small scale, this environment exemplifies the state of constant flux and ambiguity that characterise nature. Nature continuously generates multiples in which the repetitive, predetermined, and imitative play a role, but also the mutated and the unpredictable. This ambiguity is reflected in the outcome of his work, which questions what the real ‘nature’ of nature is, the role of the human, deceptions and the resulting phenomena within our wider world.

Dee Sowden

Maps and mapping have been an obsession of mine since childhood, when fictional maps, explored in books such as Winnie the Pooh and Lord of the Rings, created imaginary landscapes and places. Old maps I recycle as a material to collage and create new work. Cutting up, reassembling and collaging road maps have seen playful results such as the imaginary fish series. Studying maps and referencing the dots, lines and symbols in map making have enriched my drawing language. Drawing is central to my practice in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms.

Ronnie Goldfarb

Ronnie is a Photographic Artist based in Wisbech. Growing up in two countries opened her eyes to how differentcultures can view exactly the same thing from different angles and it fascinates her. As her Art further grows she wants to look to other artistic cultures to find diverse solutions and alternatives to approaching different Art projects or toptics of conversation.

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough, PhD, is an award-winning poet, magazine editor, creative writing tutor and local open-mic host. She lives in Fenland where she is actively involved with Arts in her local community. Elisabeth writes poetic memoir and narrative poetry, sometimes with a domestic theme. Yet, as her mentor Rebecca Goss suggests, ‘you will not find anything benign or cosy here. Sennitt Clough makes us look at things, not always comfortable things, using language that startles and excites.’