Crowded Rooms

The projects ‘Crowded Room’ are large-scale collaborative portraits.

The projects have invited everyone from a local community  to come along and take part in the making of a large collaborative drawing ’Crowded Room.’ This is a portrait of the entire community and consists of the outline of every participant’s body.

The wave of bodies is an inclusive portrait of the whole community, nobody is left out.

When Tim makes a large work it develops through a slow process using individuals, the final piece forms a consuming image for both the people involved in the making and the audience. Collaboration makes the process and ultimately finished artwork more responsive and more human.

“Tim Mann draws round people (outlines them) as an act of respect.  After he did my outline, he said – and he does this with all of his subjects,  “you are special.” It sent a shock up my spine. And my spirits soared. This is portraiture that is a real engagement by the artist with his subject – a loving one – and, for me, it makes his work great art, because it is a new departure in the genre in that there is no distance between the artist and his subject.” – Ann Isik

Crowded Room Edenderry, 2012, conté on paper, 240 x 360
Crowded Room Tullamore, 2013, conté on paper, 240 x 600
Crowded Room AIT, 2014, conté on paper, 240 x 450




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