Tim Mann is constantly looking at new and innovative ways to create Art. He works with communities and engages, records and celebrates with them using experiential collaborative projects. These projects enable him to connect with the real world and expose his audiences to a genuine, authentic and more expressive experience.

When Tim works within communities he engages collaboratively with the subjects who appear in his work. When he takes the individual as a whole, using the full figure as evidence of its presence, the overlapping outlines form a linear pattern produced by the uniqueness of each subject. These large communities of lines celebrate humanity, through individuality and unity.

Sometimes he will focus on smaller elements of identity, for example, fingerprints, hands, templates, markers, names or signatures. These works often take on an abstract element, and the artistic aesthetic is achieved by the arrangement of these various components. These markers are used as a reference to identify and celebrate the human presence.

Tim works almost exclusively with the figure. His work is not about the glory of the human form, it is more about being human. He celebrates their existence and their visible spiritual presence. Humans are social by nature and find meaning in relationships. His focus is on himself as an individual and how individuals connect with different groups.

Sometimes Tim works in isolation but his focus will still be on a project-based outcome. Using other references as his starting point, he creates works of art that do stand alone, but together they become a much stronger piece. The One Year Later project is a prime example of this kind of work.

When he makes work, it develops through a slow process and the final piece can consume both the people involved in the making and the audience. The intimate engagement between the artist and his subjects makes the process, and ultimately finished artwork, more responsive and more human.


Crowded Room

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you Are Important