Give Different a try

“In England one sometimes encounters these “wavy” brick fences. And curious as it may seem, this shape uses FEWER bricks than a straight fence.

That’s because a straight fence that is just one brick thick is not sturdy enough to stand alone and can be easily toppled with a determined push. For that reason straight fences always have a thickness of at least two layers of bricks and often more, and are also reinforced at regular intervals with vertical posts serving as buttresses.
But a wavy “one-brick” fence stands just fine on its own due to the arch support provided by its shape, which combines both fence and buttress.”

So how interesting that we see things as odd and so very different. The initial thoughts are of a impractical and an overly decorative solution. But when we dig deeper take time to understand a little more, a different solution can be more practical, more efficient, less expensive and more beautiful than the usual approach to solving problems. It’s time to give different a go. #thinkdifferently #dyslexia

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