fullsizerenderThe need for approval has constantly badgered me. This monster has always taken control of my insecurities and constantly shattered my confidence where ever and when ever I’ve been or doing.

With this in mind my desire to seek approval means my life is continually lead behind a mask.


All art is abstract by nature. To pick a moment in time and to react is all artist have ever done . Audiences view of abstraction is surely down to their knowledge and education. 

You wouldn’t accept a comment from an illiterate on a book they were unable to read. So why stand for any comments made by people that aren’t educated enough to understand the visual arts. 

So for the first time in my life spending Christmas on my own I have realised what it is. 

Is it humbug?

Am I humbug?

Or is it just a desire to stay away from the money side of what should be a mid-winter celebration.