‘How true it was that one needed to be seen by others to be sure of one’s own existence’
For Me the Self is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts.

When I work in isolation my work is generally about myself. Using my own body as a template along with different abstract counters, I uses time to record this journey. Marking and celebrating my existence.

I celebrate myself in my work and using my own presence as an individual I am telling my story of this cathartic journey. I used the daily process of making work to acknowledge my own existence, celebrating and marking my presence in that time, with days, weeks, months or a year as a motif. My journey is about learning to go forward, and return, with a renewed sense of self – free of compliance, guilt and obligation.

My work is not about the glory of the human form more about being human. Humans are social by nature and find meaning in relationships. In this work his focus is on myself as an individual but also uses my relationships with those that are important in my life and celebrates that connection.
Every human is unique, every spirit engaging. For me the Spirit is more important than the physical. I believe ours spirits deserves to be celebrated.”

All art is abstract by nature. To pick a moment in time and to react is all artist have ever done . Audiences view of abstraction is surely down to their knowledge and education. 

You wouldn’t accept a comment from an illiterate on a book they were unable to read. So why stand for any comments made by people that aren’t educated enough to understand the visual arts. 

So for the first time in my life spending Christmas on my own I have realised what it is. 

Is it humbug?

Am I humbug?

Or is it just a desire to stay away from the money side of what should be a mid-winter celebration.