The human figure is one of the most enduring themes in the visual arts. My work is not about the glory of the human form more about being human. Humans are social by nature and find meaning in relationships. My focus is on me as an individual and how individuals connect within different groups. Sometimes I take focus on smaller elements of identity for example finger print, name, or signature. I use these as a reference for works that often takes on an abstract element, whose artistic aesthetic is achieved by the arrangement of these various components. Often I take the individual as a whole with the full figure using its outline as evidence of its presence. The outlines overlapping form a linear pattern produced by the uniqueness of each individual. These large communities of lines form an individuality and unity. When I make a large work that develops through a slow process using individuals, the final piece forms a consuming image for both the people involved in the making and the audience. Collaboration makes the process and ultimately finished artwork more responsive and more human.

So for the first time in my life spending Christmas on my own I have realised what it is. 

Is it humbug?

Am I humbug?

Or is it just a desire to stay away from the money side of what should be a mid-winter celebration. 




When you walk into a room and you smell perfume there is no one there but you know someone has been there.

When you see how feet have worn a path before you have followed it.

When you feel the smoothness of a rock as people take their moment.

Hearing the echoes of voices in the distance.

I believe man’s spirit deserves to be celebrated.

  • ‘Your life is a lie’ , that’s what people tell us. Is it a lie or is is the life we have configured? Have we done this in order to present the best view of ourselves to those people around us at the time? Do we choose to behave in this way or are we forced by our environment. We have evolved through our environment to be the human being that stand there. Is this a lie. We can lie to anyone and everyone but should we be true to ourselves ?

When I was a teenager I was an angry teenager. I looked at the world and saw the injustice and felt unable to do anything to stop theses things happening.
As a grown man and in the middle of my age, I still feel angry with what is happening in this world. I’ve tried to changed that world without much success but I have never tried to change me.
When you stop being angry is when you change yourself not the world.
You are happy but the world is still in turmoil.
Be true and angry or change yourself and be happy. Your choice.

We are told that if you do something wrong the consequences are bad, Hell. We therefore live in fear. 
If we do something good then nice things happen we go to heaven. We are happy with this. 
The biggest sinner in this world we are told is Satan the devil. Now should we ‘pray’ for this soul, as everyone had a chance of redemption. The problem is if the devil repents his sins and gets to heaven there is no more Hell. Nothing left to be frightene