Self-Portrait Mask Making Workshops

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth” Oscar Wilde

By creating a self-portrait we learn who we are, how we want to present ourselves and what is important to us. Over three sessions, Tim Mann teaches workshops about the history of self-portraits – from Rembrandt to Emin, Munch to Quinn to see how they vary. Tim helps the students to draw their own self-portrait before creating their unique three-dimensional masks, using his own unusual papier-mâché technique. The final masks are then decorated, using collage, cutouts and recycled materials. The group are then invited to answer a series of questions from behind their masks.

This activity is open to all ages, genders, abilities, religions and cultures. That is the crux of Tim’s work – bringing people together who might not normally engage with each other, to start conversations, explore actual and perceived differences and create a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

Those attending will enjoy the workshop as it gives each person an opportunity to look at themselves and consider how they fit together. They will learn the basic techniques required to draw body shapes and develop their skills on both two and three-dimensional artworks. The size of the masks can vary and the joy is that each one will be individual.



“Insightful, Reflective, interesting”

“Fun and creative”

‘Art is anything you can get away with”

‘Tim was fantastic. He could see straight away if my children needed extra help”

“A fun, relaxed, colourful workshop with great tuition.”

Tim Mann really helped me build my skills and inspired me, which help me with my Art GCSE’s”