‘Crowded Room Wisbech’

Celebrating Our Community

Tim Mann is preparing to create a beautiful community portrait – ‘Crowded Room Wisbech’ in an exciting initiative with ‘Wisbech and Fenland Museum’. The project is aimed at highlighting awareness of all aspects of Wisbech and the importance of its community. Over a four week period in the Autumn 2017, the artist will work with a team of champions to engage with the public and encourage them to become part of this unique portrait.

Tim, who lived just outside Wisbech in Upwell while a student, is keen to engage with as many different groups as possible and the plan is to take this project into various settings within the community itself, including local schools. The making of the project will be documented using time lapse photography, film and still photography, so that there will a lasting record of how the portrait was created and who was involved.

The artist and his team want to invite everyone from Wisbech and the surrounding areas to come along and take part in this truly collaborative event. ‘Crowded Room Wisbech’ will be a portrait of, as far as possible, the entire community and will include the outline of every participant’s body. Other pieces will also be created during the workshops that Tim will be holding with different groups, but each will depict members of our community.

Tim’s enthusiasm is infectious and he has already begun to recruit his local champions from different groups within the town. Tim commented “From the reaction I have received to my previous collaborative projects, I know the making of ‘Crowded Room Wisbech’ will be extremely exciting, fun, and an informative event. Everyone involved will enjoy the experience and gain an understanding of my approach and concepts, which will give them a deeper understanding of contemporary art and its role in society today. More importantly, we will use this event to promote understanding of all aspects of the community of Wisbech and the support and services it provides.”

The completed project will be showcased at Wisbech and Fenland Museum, from 23rd November 2017 through to the New Year. Everyone involved will be invited to the public opening to celebrate the project and the major portrait will then be put on permanent display in a public space within the town.


 ‘Crowded Room Wisbech’ Champions

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